How i-Sell XP is designed to work in your dive store:
 What is iSell-XP all about? (Please read this first)

There are many good things about running a Dive store.  You get to meet new people and make new friends.  You are looked on as a professional in your community. You have the opportunity to introduce your students to the underwater world, and of course you get to play with all the latest divers toys.   All that given, how about your money?.  Yes! What we are talking about is your money! How to make sure you get paid for the work you do. How to protect it once you have earned it. How to market your products and make even more money.

With the above in mind please remember iSell XP is all about your money and taking care of your business. 

With over sixteen years in the retail industry, we know for a fact that iSell-XP can help you grow your business, keep more of your hard earned money and make even more.  Not only that - it is very easy to use when you compare it to other business point of sale software

Keep reading.  Look at the screen snapshots and see how to make your work easier.

NOTICE: We will include the new SERVICE PACK # 3 a value of $40.00 by itself and with loads of new features. 

iSell XP is easy to use, as fast as a cash register and provides you with the information you need to manage a profitable and busy dive operation.  

You can even expand this software to handle rentals.  



While the cloud sounds like a new place to run your business from... You should think twice.  Here is why.

What is the cloud.  Where is it and what does it do?  The cloud is nothing more than just another server running on the internet.   Your Internet service provider, Your bank, credit card company,  pharmacy and any other bookmarks you use will take you to a server somewhere on the internet 

When you store your data on the internet you are opening it up to the world.  Yes.  Your clients information, your inventory and pricing, even your income and tax information is ripe for the picking.   Don't think it can happen?  Just ask some of the major banks and big box stores who have had their systems broken into.  They made it easy by placing their information on the internet for all the hackers to break into.  ... 

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  Look at the below screen snapshot and you will see that the sales screen which shows both a list of your clients and your inventory. (you can reduce either list to quickly find things with our powerful search engine in seconds)

Just click on the customer, then the items you want to sell.  When you have all the items you are selling on the screen, just click on Finish and close the invoice.   Simple as 1-2-3.  You can train a clerk to make sales in just minutes.  Your clerk can then spend time taking care of the customer and not playing with the computer.


(Click above image to enlarge)


  How i-Sell XP  is designed to handle your back office concerns.
INVENTORY CONTROL:  You can insert inventory, control it's cost factors, get reports and even check new deliveries while the business at the front counter continues Inventory Screen
CLIENTS AND ACCT. RECEIVABLE CONTROL:  You can insert new clients, track their address and other contact information.  You can set up their A/R information, collect payments, and review their accounts at any time.  You can even address envelopes & postcards. Client Screen
AUTOMATED BILLING CONTROL:  I-Sell XP allows you to set up charge accounts for any or all of your clients.  You can even issue a in-store charge card which they can use to make purchases.  i-Sell XP will track their charges and payments just like any major store, and at the end of the month you can have a cup of coffee while the statements are being printed, ready to be inserted into window envelopes, along with other advertising. Billing Screen
  TRACK YOUR INCOME AND SALES TAX CONTROL: i-Sell XP automatically and in the back ground builds a database as you do business.  With a click of your mouse, you can review every transaction, look at your cash drawers, see how your journal entries are - both - cash and accrual.  You can print a daily, monthly, or yearly income report.  You can instantly see your sales tax obligations. Daily Screen

There are so many features and benefits that we can not list all of them here.  Features like being able to set a separate tax rate for each inventory item.  The ability to set a client as taxable or tax exempt.  The ability to group both clients and inventory into similar groups, track serial numbers, track sales by the month for each item, get your return on investment based on how you sell items. The list goes on and on.

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